Kathleen Schröter
Technologist & Alchemist

Kathleen focused 11 years in Marketing & Business Development for applied sciences working at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. In 2018, Kathleen was named as one of 13 impactful women in tech honored by the Advanced Imaging Society with their Distinguished Leadership Awards. As a public speaker her insights into Deep and High Tech allow audiences to contextualize tech trends, deepen their understanding of R&D processes, and explore sci-fi scenarios that could soon become a reality. Immersive Technologies makes her heart beat faster but over the years she investigated into mother earth’s techniques to balance her technology driven life and developed a very holistic knowledge base. Her research starts with the question what humans are capable of and what AI can’t replace, which fits perfectly into J2Cs claim “The future is human”. That’s why she joined J2C in 2020 to become their very own Alchemist – she can tell you why philosophy and physics are deeply connected, why quantum physics plays a big role in the science of yoga and vice versa and why the concept of permaculture design is not only a solution to address climate change but also to apply those systemic theories into company structures.