Elisabeth Helldorff
Musician and Innovation Consultant

Elisabeth is a musician and a passionate entrepreneur. She has been researching how artists think and act for a long time and is now creating new opportunities at the innovation consultancy J2C to transfer her insights into the innovation management of organizations.

As a musician, she experiments with whatever instruments she can find and delights in how she can produce completely new, danceable electro music with both her professional skills as a cellist and more mediocre skills on the organ, flute, electric bass, vocals, etc. that makes many people groove and laugh.

She was the founder of the agency Schwarz+Weiss, which she led for 8 years. For Zalando SE in Berlin, she built up the New Work division and established a modular office system that is scalable to meet the needs of over 6,500 employees from various disciplines. As a long-time coach at the School of Design Thinking at HPI Postdam, she guided international student teams and members of various companies through transformation and product development processes.