Seda Gürses

Seda Gürses is a researcher at the University of Leuven (formerly known as the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, ), Belgium on data protection technologies, participative design, requirements engineering, feminist critique of ICTs and online social networks. In the past, she worked on various EU projects on Identity Management technologies (e.g., “TAS3”, “GINI”). Seda is currently the coordinator of the interdisciplinary project “Security and Privacy in Social Networks” (SPION) the main objective of which is to inquire how to improve the online social network infrastructures to mitigate the over-responsibilization of end-users with security and privacy concerns. Her PhD thesis on social networks, “Multilateral Privacy Requirements Analysis in Online Social Networks” can be found here. She collaborates with initiatives that work at the intersection of media, free software and arts, most prominently with de-center and in Berlin, esc in Graz and most recently constant vzw in Brussels. You will probably know Seda from her lecture at #27c3. We are excited to learn about recent developments in security and privacy technologies at this year’s re:publica.