Kanal 2
16:05 - 16:25
In Conversation With
open tech & design summit
Remote Control Lab


In this session Tarek Omar will present Senet Lab - a new remote control lab environment for engineering and science education by Cairo Hackersapce!


Senet Lab is an online platform that allows individuals and educational institutes to easily share and give full remote control to remote lab equipment to students anywhere using any internet-capable device. Senet works virtually with any kind of lab hardware. Combining technologies that include IoT, cloud technologies and embedded systems, the platform offers innovative solutions to remote hands on education. It gives users full control over any lab hardware or equipment that only requires physical connection with a PC to be programmed, debugged or monitored remotely. It is also easy for individuals and entities to set up their physical lab equipment to be accessed using Senet Desktop and manage access privileges on their shared hardware. Senet Desktop is the backbone of Senet Lab. It is a cloud-based virtual desktop that runs resource-hungry applications required in engineering, science or any training that require access to a full operating system. Users only need a web browser to empower diverse technical projects.Users can create virtual machines, educators can allow their machines to be cloned by the students easily and anyone can give access to collaborate on those machines or lab equipment.