Exponential Climate Action: What you can do to solve the climate crisis

Exponential Climate Action is the answer to how to sustain the emissions drop in the mean time and continue reducing emissions further. Community and individual actions are key to our and our children's future. We have scalable and market ready solutions that exist now. We only need to know what they are and how we can implement them. During this Zoom event, you can ask Dr. Avit Bhowmik what climate solutions are and which of them you, as an individual, professional, businessman, educator or entrepreneur, can implement in your daily life to make the Paris Agreement a success. You can also learn how you can act exponentially and how you can drive action in the community you belong to. The event will start at 18:30 on 21 May, Saturday and run for an hour until 19:30. Get your questions sorted and buzz in to solve the greatest problem of our time.  


Our action will be decisive for whether or not the Paris Agreement will succeed. The COVID-19 pandemic not only drove the largest drop in greenhouse gas emissions of the century but also offered tremendous opportunities for action. Want to know how and what you can do to be a forerunner of climate action? Join Dr. Avit Bhowmik here to explore.


About Dr. Avit K. Bhowmik

Dr. Avit Bhowmik is an environmental scientist and climate solutionist. He is an Assistant Professor of Risk and Environmental Studies at Karlstad University, Sweden and is leading the research activities of Exponential Roadmap Initiative (https://exponentialroadmap.org). Besides his engagement with the climate and sustainability policy arena, Avit advises and assists companies and municipalities in developing their climate action plans. He is an author of the "1.5C Business Playbook" and several reports to the United Nations Climate Action Summits.