New art world: Empowerment through NFT & new technologies?


Do the new developments of digital art and its distribution such as NFT offer potentials for empowerment of artists and democratization of the art market? What promises does the New Art World make to the actors in this market? Experts from the digital and arts sphere will discuss these questions at an event offered by Kreativ Kultur Berlin.


21 May | 19 - 20 H | Talk | Kreativ Kultur Berlin YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/ovcM2Ge80dU)

"New art world: Empowerment through NFT & new technologies?" brings together experts for digitization and arts, and discusses different views on current developments in the future art market.

Democratization in the era of digital art, how are these phenomena related? The term ‘democratization’ of art trade is often mentioned in the discourse on digital art, especially in the meantime in connection with the distribution of artworks via NFT (non-fungible token). What does digital art actually mean, to what extent can this art form be clearly delimited, and does this form offer new potential for empowerment for artists since intermediaries are no longer needed? Does digital art offer new empowerment potentials for artists, as middlemen are no longer needed? Or is a process of de-democratization increasingly taking place, as owners and collectors could now also withdraw digital works from the public domain?

As the Berlin consulting center for cultural funding and creative industries, we offer orientation and perspectives when it comes to funding. We bring current perspectives into the public discourse. In the panel, we will discuss potentials, chances and risks of the New Art World and ask, which new forms of trade and distribution will be developed and, above all, which of them will be established in the long term.

Follow us to the New Art World on Thursday, May 21, 19 H on our YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/ovcM2Ge80dU)!

Moderation: Anika Meier | Columnist at monopol magazine

Masha McConaghy | Curator and founder at BigchainDB GmbH
Addie Wagenknecht | Anti-disciplinary, experimental artist
Manuel Rossner | Artist and founder of 'Float Gallery'
Anita Posch | Bitcoin activist, author, podcast 'The Anita Posch Show'

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