Are you playing or just learning? How a serious game can teach intercultural skills.

How To

  • Join our interactive live zoom session on 21 May: 12:30 to 1:30 (CEST)
  • Click on the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85499297740
  • Get involved and learn more about intercultural competencies
  • Prof. Dr. Marion Festing and Tobias Schumacher are happy to answer your questions


An increasingly interconnected world requires individuals to be able to interact well with diverse people from all over the world. And wouldn't it be great if you'd acquire the skills necessary to do so by playing a video game? Join our Let’s Play session and accompany us on a virtual adventure through culture and intercultural management.


Sharpening the sense for (cultural) diversity and inclusion is a central concern of Prof. Dr. Marion Festing, who holds the Chair for Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership at ESCP Business School in Berlin. Cultural research has advanced substantially within the last decade and a serious game might be the single best educational tool to learn about the latest scientific insights surrounding intercultural management, diversity and inclusion.

Participants in the off-stage session will receive an introduction to some of the latest research about culture and intercultural management and get a behind-the-scenes look at how the idea for "Moving Tomorrow - An Intercultural Journey" came about and how it was realized. In addition, the second part of the session will comprise a Let's Play video, where project leader and PhD student Tobias Schumacher will show you how the game is set up and how it is played. Of course, there will also be room for discussion and answering questions.

About the Serious Game
Moving Tomorrow - An Intercultural Journey is structured like a classic video game: The players slip into the role of Lucy, an ambitious young woman with a keen interest in technology and social entrepreneurship and have to make decisions that affect how the story pans out. Lucy has just started working for the fictitious Berlin-based start-up "Runergy", which is well-known for its commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability and she wants to proof herself to her new colleagues. Throughout the game, the players accompany Lucy on her journey to different countries and learn not only about national culture, but also about organizational and group culture. The combination of making real-life experiences in a virtual world and simultaneously learning about the intricacies of cultural and intercultural management research is what makes learning with Moving Tomorrow - An Intercultural Journey unique.