The time of the Corona pandemic defies measurability worldwide. Every status quo, whether private, economic or political, is only that: a snapshot, devoid of any possibility of comparison. This is an interim period in which the past and the future are equally at rest. Yesterday's plans are just as obsolete as plans for tomorrow. We are stuck 'In The Mean Time', in the now, the time between pre- and post-Corona.

re:publica 2021 — "In The Mean Time"

Nevertheless, re:publica wouldn't be the same if we — "In The Mean Time" — couldn't rely on our creativity and optimism, as well as our keen eye for the essential.
Before we can celebrate another big re:publica together with you again next year (the 15th edition!), we will return with a digital edition titled "In The Mean Time" from 20 - 22 May 2021. The event will be livestreamed from Berlin and we want to discuss new formats together with you, many exciting speakers and our partners – including TINCON.

We will take a look at the time between pre- and post-Corona, an in-between time that is removed from the old normal. The time that we all have to cope with right now, that is demanding and often even an existential threat. A time causing us trouble, a "lousy" time — in other words, a “mean time“.

What has changed "In The Mean Time"? Which topics are (or remain) — apart from the pandemic — more relevant than ever and how will things continue now and in the future? We will take a closer look — also at what is happening around the headlines and higher-ranking structures. Which urgent debates have perhaps even disappeared from the news or never made it to the news in the first place? What about climate change or the situation of refugees? What kind of very personal stories are being written "In The Mean Time", in "real" life and aside from what is being discussed "up there"?

At re:publica 2021, we want to shed light on both sides of the pandemic, which has made it more obvious than any other crisis in the past what a society in 2021 needs (and what it doesn't anymore) — not only in the 'meantime', but also in the 'aftermath'.

We give your ideas a (digital) stage — our CfP for #rp21

Once again this year, we want to give your point of views, ideas and projects a (digital) stage. Join our Call for Participation starting on 1 March 2021! More information on this will follow shortly.

 – In The Mean Time Let Me Tell You That I Love You –
(Louis Prima)