The Off Stage programme of #rp21

We explored new pathways with the Off Stage programme this year. Together with you, we wanted to create a landscape of links and references in which you can wander around as you desire. All participants applied to the platform that seemed most accessible to them and we hope that the meetings, concerts and performances have created places online where our community feels comfortable even after re:publica 21. 
We would like to take this opportunity to look back and share our highlights with you. 


Together with the Human Rights Film Festival we have put together 19 short films focused on the impact the Corona pandemic has on African women. Additionally, re:publica participants watched the excellent documentary by Subhashish Panigrahi, looking at India's biometric data collection programme and its negative impact on the Aadhaar community. 


Equal Opportunities were an important theme in the Off Stage programme and so we want to highlight the panel "Solidarity Transformed. Housing — Work — Health" in which an interdisciplinary group of researchers from Berlin examined practices and infrastructures of the migration society. We were also very happy about the theme day regarding free radio and “The Oasis” where you could visit a digital education fair with your virtual avatar.


Aside from the debates and discussion formats, Enno Bunger invited us to a spontaneous improvisation concert and fulfilled burning song requests in his live gig. In the meantime, a private screenshot photo session was offered to those lucky enough to get an appointment with the photo artist Alice Plati via Zoom.


In continuation of the Off Stage programme of the last few years, art played a significant role this year as well. Here, familiar protagonists came together to discuss the latest. In 2021, there is no getting around the topic of NFT, and so it is no surprise that we were able to host two panels on this topic. One of them was called "New art world: Empowerment through NFT & New Technologies?". The excellent panel was moderated by Anika Meier.
The panel “Keeping up with the Metaverse” brought us all up to date on VR, immersion, and the pandemic's influence on the digital art world and invited Martina Menegon, whom we have known since re:publica 2018. neo.NEULAND, on the other hand, used the medium of VR to create a place for mothers to socialize and tested the limits of the technology artistically.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to and participated in this year's programme and are already looking forward to next year!
Please find an overview of all sessions of this year's Off Stage programme here.