How to CfP

Please carefully read the following information about your submission to the Call for Participation for #rp21 "In The Mean Time". The CfP Guidelines are a requirement for participation. You have to confirm that you have read them when submitting. Please see the FAQ for further important tips and information. Please take a look at the FAQ even if you have already participated in a re:publica CfP before as some things may have changed.


How to take Part in Call for Participation


Our Call for Participation for video formats ends on 21 March 2021 (23:59 CET).
Our Call for Participation for the Off Stage programme ends on 2 May 2021 (23:59 CET).

Formats & Topics

This year we are looking for ideas for video formats produced by you. From a short presentation of a lab, a district project via drone or a heated argument recorded with a smartphone camera, to professionally documented investigative research — let your imagination and video art run free! Expand your view and ours and take us on a journey beyond home offices, desks and bookshelves in the background.

Everyone is welcome to participate and submit ideas for the following formats:

  • Clips: Videos up to a maximum length of 3 minutes, which you submit in a format ready for broadcasting.
  • Lightning Talks: Up to 10 minutes long highlights on current topics by one or two people in a conversational situation. A demo video of up to 3 minutes should be submitted for CfP purposes in which you briefly describe your idea.
  • Features: Contributions of up to 25 minutes on one topic that can be composed of different formats. We recommend that you work with two to four speakers/protagonists and one storyteller or moderator. Please submit a demo video no longer than three minutes in length to the CfP, in which you present your idea for the filming.
  • Off Stage Programme: You’re free to organise your content on a platform you choose (i.e. Instagram, Twitch, Tik Tok etc.) and then submit a corresponding link. As long as your activities take place during the days of re:publica (21-22 May 2021), you are free to set a schedule yourself. However, please also pay attention to our CfP guidelines. More information about the Off Stage programme can be found here.

“In The Mean Time”

Following this year’s motto, we would like to take a look at the time between pre- and post-Corona together with you and your ideas. What has changed "In The Mean Time"? Which topics are (or remain) — apart from the pandemic — more relevant than ever and how will things continue now and in the future? What kind of very personal stories are being written "In The Mean Time", in "real" life and aside from what is being discussed "up there"? You are free to choose your own topics that take our motto and tracks into consideration. For inspiration on this year's motto, click here.

Together with the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and as part of this year's Call for Participation we are also looking for your ideas on the topic of "Libraries Promote Access“. More information on this can be found here.

CfP Guidelines

The CfP guidelines are the rules everyone has to follow when participating at re:publica 2021. You have to confirm that you have read them when submitting your idea to the CfP.

  1. Please read the CfP FAQs thoroughly. You will find answers to technical questions and also hints on what we like or what we rather don't want to have in the programme. Reading the FAQs helps to save you and us a lot of time.
  2. We are looking for ideas that provide spaces to the different perspectives of a topic. Diversity and gender balance are fundamental to an empathetic and inclusive community — and they represent our attitude as organisers (this explicitly includes people who do not feel part of the binary gender paradigm).
  3. We invite different positions and opinions from across the (democratic!) spectrum.

Blatant advertising and marketing pitches don't stand a chance in our Call for Participation. The participants of re:publica and the programme team want captivating and well-researched content offering solutions and dealing with challenges of our digital society.

Please find further information on the CfP in our FAQ.

We are looking forward to your ideas!