Kanal 1
17:35 - 17:50

Short thesis

Joseph Blasphemous is widely considered to be Europe’s leading Business Magician, a branch of consulting that he himself invented. His practice was once thought of as business methodology but it is now seen as a religion and Joseph, the Grand Cardmaster, is worshipped by every practising Hustletologist. But his time has come. He is old. His Hustle is weary.
A new Cardmaster must be found.



Joseph B. is tired. He’s all hustled out. Years of guiding multi-billion dollar Hustlepreneurs have simply taken their toll. Propera aut morere! Cunctandum non est - the struggle has nearly killed him. With the annual Rite of The Procurement Moon and another “Great Off-Site” looming, Joseph Blasphemous has decided that it’s time for succession planning. A new Grand Cardmaster needs to be found! It’s time for him to hurry up and pivot into retirement.

But who has what it takes to sip HUSTLEJUICE from the foundation of prosperity? Who can shuffle, cut and turn the cards, speak the business spells and find the business treasures? Who can sing the ancient Hustletology songs, bury the Blasphemous Coins and pay the Hustletology taxes and become the next Grand Cardmaster?

Will anyone step forward?

HUSTLETOLOGY is a wild mix of ancient mythology, faux-religion, performance art, the nonsense of modern business and the dark corners of LinkedIn. It is a 7 part performance.

HUSTLETOLOGY is Marcus John Henry Brown’s latest performance for the re:publica. It is a suite of performances that are based on his long-form poem: A Wicked Pack Of Cards, a poem which was originally written for the rp20. The pandemic hit and A Wicked Pack of Cards was never performed. HUSTLETOLOGY will carry on where Marcus’ poem stopped. It features film, live performance,  music and a wicked deck of cards. It is an exercise in urgency, an exploration of time, a ritual and a modern-day liturgy for the techno-business heathens.