Kanal 2
15:35 - 16:00
In Conversation With
Poverty is Sexist

Short thesis

Anna Ramskogler-Witt (Festival Director Human Rights Film Festival Berlin) in conversation with mit Maria Wersig (Lawyer and Social Scientist) and Snigdha Sahal (Executive Director, Action Against Hunger India)


Girls and women worldwide are the most affected by poverty - because they are still structurally, socially and politically disadvantaged. As part of the talk we touch on topics such as how last year's pandemic dramatically increased poverty rates for women worldwide, widened the gap between men and women living in poverty, and what we as a globalized society can do about it in small and large ways. Together with experts, we want to talk about how to consider the particular vulnerability of women and girls in the fight against pandemics? And what role does politics play in paving the way for a more equal society for men and women?