"Atomic Habits" for Innovators

Short Thesis

Small habits shape our identities. Since we can choose what habits we nurture or dismiss, we actively define who we want to be. Since many of us like the idea of being an innovator, we want to talk about these small, atomic habits that can get us there.


According to James Clear's popular book "Atomic habits" we ourselves can choose and dismiss our own small habits that shape our identity. Its not about setting goals but about defining who we want to be. This idea resonates with a lot educators and practitioners that favour the idea of innovation as a democratised capability that allows everyone to participate who feels like an innovator or who wants to become one. We want to discuss which atomic habits help employees in companies to identify themselves as innovators in the long game.

It is going to be a lively discussion with educators and innovation practitioners on clubhouse, Fri 21st, 4PM CET.