The Deepfake Report - How synthetic media will shape the future of journalism for the better
Who we are

We – an international team of 17 young journalism students and 12 tech students – dared to experiment. Can we create deepfake videos of politicians in just a few weeks? How would the politicians react to this? The result is the documentary "The Deepfake Experiment". 

Our website offers even more: "The Deepfake Report" paints a comprehensive picture of deepfakes. Renowned experts talk about the risks, but also the opportunities of the technology. We can no longer fundamentally rely on the truthfulness of authentic-looking content. This is where we see the great responsibility and opportunity of professional journalism.

Target group: 

  • journalists
  • (aspiring) media professionals
  • content creators
  • everybody who's interested in media
  • ethical developers


  • 10 minutes presentation about The Deepfake Report
  • 40 minutes discussion
  • 10 minutes + Q&A

Short Thesis

Deepfakes are one of the greatest tools to democratize media production – if they are used carefully. A team of 29 internationals split equally in tech-enthusiasts and journalistic scaredy cats on a quest to find common ground. And we found it! Tune in to find out what we learned on the way.


Disinformation is nothing new in human history but artificial intelligence is pushing the boundaries of what is possible. How deepfakes are used in the future concerns everyone and especially the media industry. We believe that now is exactly the right time to talk about: how we protect democracy, and how we protect individual rights from misuse? Technology in itself is neutral. The question is how we deal with it.   

Tune in to find out what we learned by following these questions: 

  • Why do deepfakes even exist?
  • What do private and public actors of society have to do to mitigate the risks of deepfakes?
  • How will synthetic media shape the future of journalism?

Our two speakers Katerina Zafeiri (CODE University) and Sebastian May (Axel Springer SE) will discuss these questions in an one-hour talk with an additional Q&A – if you like! Moderated by Florent Comtesse (Axel Springer SE), we will take you through a journey about this important topic.