Gather Town

Short Thesis

Explore and shape our virtual world and meet the community!


To make it possible for us to "meet" each other at #rp21 this year, we have set up a space on Gather.town. Here you can wander through our rp21 world with your personal avatar and meet other participants.

The centrepiece and starting point is our "courtyard". From here you will reach the TINCON space and the arcade room where you can play multiplayer games. In the virtual courtyard as well as in all other rooms, you will have lots of opportunities to talk to each other, discover "eastereggs" and make new friends among the other participants.


Arrival & starting point: :The courtyard gives you access to all other rooms. Selected programme items will also be streamed here. 


Designed by the TINCON team and a drop-in location for everyone wanting to participate — let's get this party started!


Check out this place for a selection of different online (multiplayer) games.


How to join:

1. Access through this link: https://gather.town/app/MArJZ0UCCFoXeSEx/rp21

2. Create your avatar

Welcome to our #rp21 space!