Worlds most poorly exploited natural resource

Short Thesis

Everything is bad design. So let's get to work!


Despite the years of the pandemic, we seem to live in times of change and progress. But still it's impossible to imagine how things could be different than today. We organise our societies not so different from the very first societies, from the dawn of human civilisation. Most of our ideas hasn't changed since the first time they were thought.
Hakan Lidbo is the funder of Rumtiden Idea Lab in Stockholm. He makes interactive installations for museums and science centers and museums, using new technologies and new ideas. Rumtiden aims to solve problems with new ideas, to re-think exhibitions, interactive experiences and learning.
With the seemingly pessimistic perspective that "everything is bad design", Swedish artist and innovator Hakan Lidbo takes us on a journey through evolution of human civilization and of human ideas. But Hakan's perspective is actually quite optimistic; "Everything is a poor version of what it potentially could be”. 
Hakan has created a unique workspace, a laboratory for the exploration of future possibilities. With games, art and radical ideas, him and his team create projects that inspire, that help us train our idea-making skills, that presents new perspectives and hope for the future.