The internet is omnipresent—particularly in the arts and culture. Literary, performative and creative means of expression have been multiplied by bits and bytes.

From digital arts, starting with remixes and GIFs, to internet art, augmented or virtual reality, creative activism, to questions of cultural policy: we want to discuss all of this with you at re:publica——or maybe even directly build some prototypes on-site!

New formats of appropriation, production and conveyance are often abridged by legal or technical frameworks—or by now even curtailed by learning machines that have no capacities for interpretation, let alone a sense of humour. Challenges and opportunities coexist in the datafication of arts and the artistic refinement of data—for both artists and consumers alike.
For this track, your literary bot projects are just as welcome as scholarly treatises on the Insta-sphere or even an augmented theatre piece.

We want co-creation. We want archives opened to hackers. We want to celebrate, discuss and marvel at internet activism and cooperations between the maker scene, programmers and artists.

We’re looking forward to your projects, ideas and issues related to the “Culture” track and are curious to see what new-found knowledge and experiences we can tap into with you.