Hype or hygge? Dogs, cats, honey badgers? Globetrotter or local history researcher? Anything that uplifts the soul or makes the heart beat faster – anything that makes us and life more beautiful are part of what we'll discuss in the “Lifestyles” track.

From incongruous styles and the erotic of the surface(s), we’re asking the question about the good life. Contemporary schools of thought and new philosophical approaches can find their place here, just as sparking joy in a 3D-printed tiny house, city farming and rooftop beekeeping, worn-out gamer thrones or laptop aerobic workouts. From the timeline to the curb—we’re bringing together highbrow and lowbrow without batting an eyelash.

We’re rolling out the red carpet for your passions—for the connoisseurs of the hidden corners of the internet, tree huggers and yarn bombers, role players, Tumblr operators, teams in the fast lane and those swimming against the current.

If you still have a work-life balance or know pathways out of the rat race or into virtual worlds, have taken the plunge into the information overload or into the deep end, are pushing up against the limits of good taste, flexibility and the laws of nature: Tell us about it!