Thorsten Dittmar

Thorsten started his computer science career in the early 80s when he had a 4  color Mohawk haircut and most of the computers where the size of a  garage. He got in touch with PARC (Palo Alto Research Center, formerly  Xerox PARC) and fall in love with Smalltalk – the first object-oriented  programming language and the base of all graphical user interfaces. The  first company Thorsten founded was a one man consulting firm which  quickly grew into a profitable business with offices in several  countries. He had always been blessed with a good instinct about what  technologies will be useful, and hired smart minds to work on those  projects, like Kent Beck, one of the initiators of the agile project  management methodology. Through projects in this company, Thorsten  supported pioneers of the tech industry, working on the first wiki, unit  testing and software design patterns. After his first exit, he  moved to the “dark side” of the startup world and became an investor in  100+ early stage businesses. In parallel, he was working as an executive  consultant in digital transformation with C-level executives at various  European Fortune 500 companies and was acting as interim CTO for  several growth stage startups. In early 2019, Thorsten founded his  latest venture, that aims to give each individual back the  sovereignty over their digital data, and in this way, supporting the  flow of European data capital back into the local markets.