Our world is developing into a digital society - both at work and in our private lives. As a web hosting provider, Mittwald is a co-creator of digitalization and the Internet. We make sure that the projects of our customers run smoothly and have a secure virtual home. In doing so, we ask ourselves the following essential questions, among others:

How can we ensure sustainable hosting?

Our data center has a high resource load. That´s why compensation and sustainability are important topics in our daily activities. Our efforts go far beyond sourcing green electricity: we have calculated our carbon footprint and used it to identify specific reduction potential and compensation projects. These include the use of e-cars, switching to green gas, a reforestation project and changing our consumption in the office. Our goal: to act in a climate-neutral way and help others to do the same.

What contribution can we make to the digital society as a web host?

Digital skills have become indispensable in every area of life. This is what at the latest the Corona pandemic teached us. For this reason, we have decided to start with digital education and share our expertise in this area. One step in this direction is our Mittwald Digital Campus: a digital competence center where children and young people can playfully take their first steps in the digital world and develop programming skills.

Community and exchange count

"In the mean time" - this time that demands a lot of organization from us on the one hand and keeps us going on the other. This time that uses up all power resources and keeps our source of energy - togetherness - at a distance. This time that widens the gap between those who profit and those who cannot do their work for months. We need to rethink - as entrepreneurs, employees and digital citizens. While we still wave goodbye to our old plans and look at the incidences every day, it is now up to us to create a new tomorrow. Never has a time been more exciting and so full of opportunities - but at the same time never more exhausting and so full of challenges.

The transition to remote work a year ago was a breeze for us as an IT company on a technical level. Our challenges waited more elsewhere. Maintaining a balance between productivity and humanity, for example. After all, community is something from which we draw energy - our creative source, so to speak. Digitizing this without provoking zoom fatigue was our challenge. That is why we created extensive safeguards and virtual alternatives for sharing - such as digital cooking and game nights or sports groups. In this way, we ensure that community, togetherness is not neglected. At the same time, however, we also feel that our batteries are increasingly used up. And we naturally ask ourselves what comes "after that". The fact is that the working world will never be the same again. What the pandemic has taught us in any case: Sharing with each other has never been more important than it is now. We can only tackle the new challenges and opportunities together. To be able to look forward to a new digital future with cautious confidence.