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Human-Centered Technology: Sustainable technology for all

Putting people at the center of all technology considerations is the concern of Claudia Nemat, member of the Deutsche Telekom Board of Management responsible for Technology & Innovation. As an international technology company, Deutsche Telekom connects people. With fixed-network/broadband, mobile communications, internet and internet TV products and services for consumers, and information and communications technology solutions for corporate and business customers. The goal is to make people's lives a little better with technology and to bring us closer together. Therefore, the guiding principle is to create and use new technologies in such a way that they always serve people and do not become an end in themselves.

The human-centered approach to technology must be understood and lived in the organization. Being meaning-driven and human-centered also means discussing the meaning and the different stakeholder needs. And it is not easy to superimpose these and implement them at the same time. To implement the human-centered technology approach in her organization, Claudia Nemat encourages all employees to exemplify as well as promote this mindset, which is deeply human, and not to be guided by convenience. The human-centered technology approach gives us the chance to live in a world where everyone can be who they are: human.

Deutsche Telekom

In her video, Claudia Nemat shares her thoughts on Human-Centered Technology. She outlines what she understands by it and how she promotes the approach as a board member at Deutsche Telekom. She looks at different stakeholders who have a significant impact on her and her organization in their daily work. And explains the challenges that a human-centered approach to technology brings. Finally, she shares her wish, her utopia to implemented and lived human-centered technology.