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Currently, all of our lives are in limbo. Whether it's a job, studies or social life, the next step seems far away and no one knows what it holds for us. 

Our society, moulded by COVID and the hope of a new beginning, is faced with the big decision of prioritisation. Which issues do I take on? Where is my energy going? How will my surroundings and self approach and master the next stages? How do I want to work? What is a future-proof job?

No matter where we are in life, we are all currently faced with the decision about our next steps!


There are many reasons to be discouraged by the current times and to feel alone. Or, you can reflect on the fact that we are all in the same boat right now and are steering ourselves to where our future takes us. Let's use this time as a blueprint to reposition ourselves and take a big step forward!
Who knows where the global journey is going. But if there is one thing, we at XU University can assure you of: You are your future, and the future is digital.

Do you have what it takes to tackle your digital future? Our little check will tell you.

Find out now!

How did it go? No matter how digitally ready you are today, if you know that the digital world is your future home, we should talk! Because we at XU-university have developed degree programmes that are future-proof and shape the digital world of tomorrow.

B.Sc Digital Business
A Bachelor's degree programme for all doers who help shape the companies of tomorrow. Your focus points: What does a company of the future need? How do I put my digital ideas into practice? Whether start-up culture, big ideas or agency work - you always want to be part of the action.

B.Sc Digital Marketing & Social Media
A bachelor's degree for all creatives who want to learn the full range of digital marketing. How are brands built? How are digital campaigns and strategies developed? Which tools and channels are used? How do you create emotional brand experiences and storytelling? 

B.Sc Coding & Software Engineering
A Bachelor's degree programme for all developers of the digital future.
The perfect degree for you, if you don't just want to develop new innovative tech and software solutions for today, but also tomorrow.

M.A. Digital Transformation
A Master's programme for the designers of digital transformation. Are you wondering what digital culture has to do with corporate success?  What skills will tomorrow's employees need, and what is digital leadership? The Master's programme in Digital Transformation Management provides digital rebels with all the answers.