Call for Participation for re:publica 2021 "In The Mean Time"

At re:publica 2021, we will again give those ideas, topics, projects and visions that are important to you a place on our virtual stage. This year's Call for Participation will be launched on 01 March 2021 — save the date!

NEW: Video contributions wanted

This year we are looking for ideas for video formats produced by you. From a short presentation of a lab, a district project via drone or a heated argument recorded with a smartphone camera, to professionally documented investigative research — let your imagination and video art run free! Expand your view and ours and take us on a journey beyond home offices, desks and bookshelves in the background.

Everyone is welcome to participate and submit ideas for the following formats:

  • Clips: Videos up to a maximum length of three minutes, which you submit in a format ready for broadcasting.
  • Lightning Talks: Up to ten minutes long highlights on current topics by one or two people in a conversational situation. A demo video of up to three minutes should be submitted for CfP purposes in which you briefly describe your idea.
  • Features: Contributions of up to 25 minutes on one topic that can be composed of different formats. We recommend that you work with two to four speakers/protagonists and one storyteller or moderator. Please submit a demo video no longer than three minutes in length to the CfP, in which you present your idea for the filming.

Off Stage Programme

We miss you and the "community atmosphere" of re:publica — all the surprising discoveries, self-organised actions and labs, art, performances and talks that usually fill all corners of re:publica. We miss the buzz around the stages. With the "Off Stage Programme" expanding #rp21 to all the places on the web where you want it to take place. This will be the "decentralised part of the programme" of #rp21.
For this, you can apply with contributions that you organise on your own or external platforms and channels. And that can be just about anything: A scavenger hunt at Gather.town, a watch party on Twitch or an interactive workshop via livestream. Feel free to be independent of our schedules here, as long as you take place during the time of re:publica 2021 (from 20-22 May 2021). Invite the re:publica community to your place!

The motto of #rp21: In The Mean Time

At #rp21 we will take a look at the time between pre- and post-Corona, an in-between time that is removed from the old normal. The time that we all have to cope with right now, that is demanding and often even an existential threat. A time causing us trouble, a "lousy" time — in other words, a "mean time".

What has changed "In The Mean Time"? Which topics are (or remain) — apart from the pandemic — more relevant than ever and how will things continue now and in the future? What kind of very personal stories are being written "In The Mean Time", in "real" life and aside from what is being discussed "up there"?

Our deadlines

The deadline for your CfP submissions is 21 March 2021, 23:59 (CET).
The deadline for submissions to the Off Stage Programme is 2 May, 23:59 (CET).

We are looking forward to your submissions — starting 01 March 2021 on re-publica.tv!