Tik Tok! Who’s there? Hackers and geeks, Freifunkers and radio freeks, cyber anthropologists, security researchers, tech historians, system theoreticians, internet-governance-taskforcercs, anti-exploit engineers, DIYers and makers: this track is dedicated to you, your research, your tools, gimmicks and (open source) projects. We want to disassemble, analyse and reverse engineer how technical developments and innovations influence culture and society, but also how culture and society in turn drive or stall developments and innovations. We want to marvel at quantum logic, malware and other code, discuss the need for regulation, find new solutions and democratize progress.

It's about great successes alongside incremental improvements, tinkering and design, software and hardware, techniques and cultural technology, about new materials, error cultures, making and breaking. We are interested in infrastructures as well as insights into the logs from laboratories, think tanks and universities. If you have ideas for a better life with the help of — or even "despite" — technologies, we'd love to hear from you!