Kanal 1
14:55 - 15:05
Statement Talk
Creative Collaboration with AI

Short thesis

Later this year Silbersalz Science and Media Festival (Halle Saale) is collaborating with Lunar Ring (part of the Cyber Valley Initiative, Europe's largest research cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence) to present a four day programme of live arts activities that will be co-created in real time by an AI.
Join one of the curators of the Silbersalz in conversation with Dr Johannes Stelzer from Lunar Ring to discuss the opportunities afforded through human AI creative collaboration.


The collaboration between Lunar Ring and Silbersalz will take place in Septemeber as part of the annual festival in Halle (Saale). The installation will pop up in the city for four days during which the Lunar Ring AI system will collaborate with dancers, musicians, storytellers, activists and the public in a series of programmed events. 

In this lightning talk Dr Johannes Stelzer will speak about the technology itself and the creative experiments and collaborations he has conducted to date. Then we will speak about the plans for our collaboration and explore some of the opportunites and challenges that we see for the installation.

Silbersalz: https://www.silbersalz-festival.com/en/node/2
Lunar Ring: http://www.lunar-ring.ai/ 

Please see the attached video for more details on the science behind the piece.