Shout Out!
Shout Out!

Short thesis

Show and Shout out Storys that matter to you!

Das sind kleine Interventionen, die das Augenmerk auf Geschichten richten, die den Journalist*innen wichtig sind.

Those little interventions feature stories from journalists that they deem important.


Kornélia Kiss: 

"Ungarn ist vielleicht das einzige Land in Europa, wo die wichtigsten Pressekonferenzen während der Pandemie nicht stattfinden, nicht mal in einem online Form. Stattdessen gibt es ein ganz eigenartiges Format, das man aus journalistischer Sicht nur kaum Pressekonferenz nennen kann."

Lakshmi Sarah:

"What the U.S. Could Learn From Slovenia About Protecting Bees The tiny Eastern European nation is a hotbed of successful beekeeping—and its practices and policies could help pollinators in the U.S." https://bit.ly/33MlM1w

Zahra Salah Uddin:

"Unbias the News is a brand new newsroom project by
Hostwriter. In this session, the editorial team will share insights from their work as journalists & the press we pledge to build. The discussion includes barriers in international media, our principles as a remote, cross-border newsroom, and how we aim to create change in the field of journalism."