Floating Knowledge - Mobile Open Culture and Innovation - The MOCI Case

Teatime and Collective Whiteboard Painting with the MOCI Community

20th May 2021 / 3 pm - 4:30 pm Berlin time (UTC+2)

We will use a video conference platform and a miro whiteboard. Follow the links provided on this page. It will be easy to use and no special skills will be required. The whiteboard painting contest is an experimental way to accompany our thematic discussion. Feel free to present a general topic, your local actions or yourself there.

Short Thesis

The MOCI project is co-created by seven civic and cultural organisations from the Balkans, South-Caucasus and East-Germany. We address mobility and access to knowledge for empowering citizens and creating free and open societies. We invite you for an afternoon exchange about hard backgrounds of soft relations with our community of activists.


Our background: With MOCI we seek to address mobility and access to open knowledge to initiate a creative, pan-European and regional dialogue to support hybrid forms of cultural innovation and social activism. Our particular focus is on how these mechanisms can enable reconciliation and foster resilience in regions undergoing rapid changes. Together we follow our vision of building a community-led European open space for civic and creative actors.

Our gathering: We have started in the periphery of the EU and focus on rural or remote areas. Let’s have a look outside the urban and mainly self-related global main-streams. Take part in our live painting on a whiteboard.

Meet community members and activists from the Balkans and Caucasus to experience their struggles and successes of self-empowerment, informal education and artistic collaboration. This 90 min online gathering with short inputs and collaborative micro-sessions will give us a better picture of the current status in the Balkans and South-Caucasus regions.

Our guests: Wato Tsereteli – CCA, Tbilisi (Georgia), Sashka Avanyan – Creopia, Vanadzor (Armenia), Tina Kuzman - NVO Munja, Podgorica (Montenegro), Arnen Sula – TekBunkeri, Tirana (Albania)

Facilitation: Ana Marica – Home in Făgăraș, Făgăraș (Romania), Tiemo Ehmke – icebauhaus, Weimar (Germany)

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