Knowledge-to-go, digital brain pacemakers, agile learning computers and soldering robots: How are technologies changing the way we learn, teach, research and share knowledge? How can open educational opportunities be designed using digital methods?

This track is devoted to education experts, scientists, researchers, students and lifelong learners—from established institutions to citizen-science initiatives. We place importance on creating data and tech literacy: re:publica is the perfect place to communicate on  how to use technology, to provide a sustainable structure for knowledge transfer, and to create enthusiasm—as tools for a participative, enlightened culture of digitality. Critical awareness of how to handle data in a systematic way, make deliberate use of such data and being able to question it are all fundamental skills for being able to participate in science, the working world and society in the future.

We are therefore looking forward to sessions with the latest research results, reflections on pedagogic and scientific methodologies and reviews. We’re open to open science, open research, open labs and open publishing, to your experiences with digital devices in educational contexts, your papers and your wet labs!