Paul Manwaring
Co-founder City Innovation Exchange Lab (CITIXL), Founder IoT Living Lab, Cyber Philosopher, Innovator, Speaker, Author

Paul Manwaring is the founder of the Internet of Things (IoT) Living Lab, a citizen engagement consultancy in Amsterdam (NL), and co-founded the City Innovation Exchange Lab (CITIXL a public private partnership with Tapp and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the City of Amsterdam. He studied at Penn State University and holds a BA in Integrative Arts with a co-operating major in Philosophy. In 2000 he created a multimedia and web design firm in Amsterdam where he continues to live and work on cutting-edge digital interactive experiences to bridge the gap between the city and citizens with participatory platforms.   In late 2017 he co-founded CITIXL an international participatory platform for cities to share, test, and implement impactful innovations in Living Labs to accelerate social impact. He has exchanged solutions and experimented innovations with multiple cities globally and provides workshops, tours, presentations, and consultations, meeting regularly with private and public delegations from around the world.  Currently he is working with the City of Amsterdam on the Responsible Sensing Toolkit - a framework to help cities design responsible and ethical sensing projects in public spaces.  

A multi-award-winning, internationally recognised expert in IoT, Smart Cities, Living Labs, UX design, e-Culture, social innovation, and citizen engagement, he is currently writing a chapter on the IoT and IoS economies as a contributing author for Framing Economies of the Future (Eds. Dr. Jan Jonker of the University of Nijmegen and Dr. Neils Faber of the University of Groningen) scheduled for publication in the fall of 2021.