Bart de Witte is a leading and distinguished expert for digital transformation in healthcare in Europe, but also one of the most progressive thought leaders in his field. He focuses on developing alternative strategies for creating a more desirable future for the post-modern world, and for all of us. He is the initiator of the non-profit organization, HIPPO AI Foundation, located in Berlin. This non-profit aims to make artificial intelligence in medicine a common good, building a foundation for a sustainable and equitable society. In 2020, Bart de Witte and his Hippo AI foundation, were selected as a finalist for the prestigious falling walls conference as breakthrough of the year in the category of Engineering and Technology. Bart's mission is to use technology for the common good, preventing future information asymmetries between private organizations and individuals reducing future inequalities in healthcare. He expressed his interest in artificial intelligence when he wrote his first paper on the topic in 1989 and reiterated his interest again when he began working at IBM, back in 2010. He is an advisor to several companies and startups specializing in digital health, and lectures frequently at various business universities in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and China. Bart de Witte is a fellow at the Institute for Exponential Technologies and Desirable Futures, and holds degrees from various universities in Belgium and has pursued several other post-university paths at national and international business schools, including Harvard Business School.