Anita Posch
Bitcoin and Digital Technology Solopreneur

Anita Posch is author of the book (L)earn Bitcoin (will be published in Spring 2021), podcast host and Bitcoin advocate. She is a member of the board at Bitcoin Austria - an educational non-profit organization. Anita translated two volumes of "The Internet of Money" by Andreas M. Antonopoulos to German. Her research and activities around Bitcoin are discussed in media all over the world: Bitcoin Magazine, CoinDesk, Bayern2, Deutschlandfunk, Radio FM4, and ARD television amongst others.

In early 2017 Anita decided to work on the intersection of Bitcoin, creator economy and human rights. Anita Posch has a strong background in web development, e-commerce, and online business. In 1999 she started her entrepreneurial career as a web designer and co-founded several online platforms.