Off Stage

We miss you and the "community atmosphere" of re:publica — all the surprising discoveries, self-organised actions and labs, art, performances and talks that usually fill all corners of re:publica. We miss the buzz around the stages. With the "Off Stage Programme" expanding #rp21 to all the places on the web where you want it to take place. This will be the "decentralised part of the programme" of #rp21.
For this, you can apply with contributions that you organise on your own or external platforms and channels. And that can be just about anything: A watch party on Twitch or an interactive workshop via livestream. Feel free to be independent of our schedules here, as long as you take place during the time of re:publica 2021 (from 21-22 May 2021). Invite the re:publica community to your place!

To submit your ideas for the Off Stage programme, you have to register and create a profile here. Now fill out the form with your idea. You can read more about the process on our FAQs and on the "How to CfP" page.